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Razer Synapse 2 profiles desapeares

  • 4 March 2024
  • 4 replies

When i used to formate my computer, always when i downloaded razer synapse 2, i don’t needed to install chroma profiles because it was already there, but in this time they simply desapear, and i can’t find where to download it back beacuse the page of synapse 2 chroma profiles doesnt exist anymore

4 Replies

I ran into the same problem today. Normally my profiles just repopulated but this time they’re missing. It even gives me a notice that I have profiles online but they don’t load.

if you get any answer of how fix it can u send it to me pls? i miss my profiles haha

I have this problem

I am using a Nostromo and have the same problem. I was able to find a download for Synapse 2 from the Razer site a few days ago, but now I cant download from this page https://rzr.to/synapse-pc-download  which is the link that Razer gives you when trying to grab Synapse 2.0 because my antivirus blocks the page. That’s a real confidence builder. After disabling it I can download the webinstaller for 2.0. But after reinstalling on a clean Windows 10 install, all my profiles are gone. Over a 100 at least that I have made since first getting a Nostromo when it came out. I won’t even mention the tons of Macros. I have been using these devices since the Belkin days and reviewed the literal first one for Computer Shopper Magazine. The Tartarus is a question mark for me because of this drop in quality. The Dpads on those just break at this point after a few months, my Nostromos (all 3 of them) have never had a Dpad issue. They still work to this day. But now I am faced with this broken software and it’s typical of Razer and honestly, it’s also sad. The days of the Boomslang and the rep of great peripherals are now long one. Shame on Razer. The fact that I and many others are still using Synapse 2 is a testament to how screwed we are because Razer has given us absolutely no choice. Moving to Synapse 3 is also a nightmare since I have used it for other peripherals over the years, all of which I have returned. For the simple reason of Synapse 3 sucking and the devices not performing to expectations, at all. So once again, Shame on Razer.