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Razer Synapse (chroma) with MSI Center & NZXT Cam

  • 1 December 2021
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Hi to all.
I am really new to the razer software. I saw diverse videos & Instructions.
But all i can find are referred to older software.
As starting 2021 MSI only gives support for theyr new software. It is the MSI Center, and dragon center is no longer supported & considered. So my question is: Does razer Synapse work togheter with the new Msi Center? I already installed The Mystic Light Feature (after installinf the Razer software) and rebootet the system more times, but in mystic light the button of Game Sync doesn't appear. So thats why i am asking. Am i supposed to install & Use Fragon Center? (wich is no longer supported & Updated)
I immagine that the Gskill Ram works in congiunktion with MSI? Does it?

And i utilize an AIO from NZXT X53, which has ARGB but it seems to work only with the cam Software. Is it anyway supported by Razer?

Thanks for any suggestions to anyone.

My SYS: AMD Ryzen 7 3800x - 32 GB Gskill 3200 - Nvidia 2070 Super Ventus - Case Bequiet 500dx - AIO NZXT x53 too cool the GPU - Be quiet with light wings 360 mm to cool the CPU.

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