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[REQUEST] Chroma SDK api

  • 15 September 2019
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I'd like to use an API with Autohotkey to change the lighting on individual buttons.
Unfortunately, I completely miss the C ++ knowledge to write me an API.
But I can imagine that it could create a dll, which ensures a communication.

The API should be able to do the following.

Login to the SDK server
Maintaining a connection
Log out of the SDK server

Set all buttons at once and single buttons - /
- On off
- Brightness
- Colour

Query of the key status - /
- Is the button on or off.
- In which brightness the button lights up.
- In what color does the button light?

With such a DLL you could already start a lot and it would open the gates for many flashing lights the Autohotkey Community.

Maybe someone will find himself, who can imagine implementing this project.

Thank you for reading my idea

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