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Show off Razer Chroma Profiles & Setups

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all razer everythang
all razer everythang!
Still on Spectrum Cycling for now, haven't decided a full color scheme, but here's my setup:
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All of the colours!
here is my set up it's not the best but for me is the best set up that i could have of course with some upgrades it will look much better
here is my set up it's not the best but for me is the best set up that i could have of course with some upgrades it will look much better

sorry for the blurry picture

My DeathAdder Chroma Mouse. Helping Me Own My Opponents In MOBA games.
best keyboard in the world!
I am italian, so i chose italy colors
nice? my poor chroma

Hoist your colors! Boast your Razer Chroma profiles and share your shining setups with us.

Hey Insiders,

With 16.8 million colors, it’s easy to make your setup look exactly like you want it to, lighting up the room with shades of awesomeness. Plus, with more Razer Chroma-powered devices on your desk and around, it becomes easy to combine them all to create awe-inspiring sights.

If you feel like showing off your sick Razer Chroma profiles, here’s the perfect place to do so. Share pictures of your shining setups and discuss your settings to find out the perfect configurations.

Show off your Razer Chroma setups and discuss profiles now!

eventually i'll replace the lighting in the Devil Box with a chroma HDK, cos right now the lighting doesn't sleep. I have an old lefty DeathAdder, but the switches have been dying for a long time, finally replaced it with that EX-G and remembering how much I missed using a trackball.

ETA: Wave pattern for maximum gayming, but it didn't have enough purple so it's ~sliiiiightly~ custom

My poor setup with laptop sign~
Your setups are so much more amazing that my poor boy start in this community 😃, I'll get there tho. Cheers !
Where is the Chroma app or profile to work with league of legends?
Here's my view. I made this profile for Fortnite and I thought it was silly enough to use it as my default profile.

PS. I know the photo is a bit bad 😞
Razer Mug to be added in the future 🙂 ... Was thinking about the firefly but i prefer the Razer Gigantus because of its sheer size. I love the wave pattern.

I only have razer mouse and mousepad xd
I know it's not fancy yet cuz i m using my old laptop! But soon i ll make a better one hopefully ^_^ At least i tried. 😕
My only Razer gear, hoping to add more soon.
I'm just going to repost the photo I took for the "what's in your bag" -- it shows all my gear / chroma gear. :)

Simple and well organized...... Nice!!
here's my little setup
Im partial to Cortana (halo) blue myself 🙂
So far it's just a keyboard and mice, but working on it. :))