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[SOLVED] Chroma HDK + Philips Hue

  • 14 March 2019
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I know this topic has probably been already brought up but, is there a way to make the HDK sync with Hue ambilight app for windows(like in movies, etc.)? The only topics I found are from a few years ago and it seems like nobody ever found a solution to that.

And if not, is there a way to sync it with the screen colors besides Hue?

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EDIT - DERP - Re-read your request, it was SPECIFIC to the chroma HDK...gah sorry - will leave this here for others in case it helps anyone.

In my experience, you can go 2 ways here. If we enable the bridge in Synapse, this is giving Synapse the ability to control Hue:

However, if we go into the connect module of synapse, we can enable sync in the other way, from the Hue app to Razer devices:

That said, you also need to enable this functionality in the Hue app as well:

Once done, you should see the music/game hue effects pushed to the Razer peripherals as well. However, while running through this, I see that my keyboard/mouse/headset are responsive, my chroma HDK is not...

Hope this helps!

Hope this helps!

Thanks anyway, I appreciate it!

We now have the "Environmental Awareness" effect in the Razer studio. Problem solved for everybody
Yeah the new update really did fix a lot for issues for me too. Until then I was unable to get Overwatch to connect to my system much less my Hue bulbs. Now everything seems to be working great.
Did u got working Razer HDK with the Hue Sync Program on Windows?