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Synapse 3 - Black Widow Elite defaults to Spectrum Cycle on Windows Lock Screen

  • 6 January 2019
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In Synapse 2, I was able to set my color scheme to appear as static green for all devices when the computer is locked.

In Synapse 3 I can't figure out how to set the keyboard to go to anything but Spectrum Cycle when I lock the screen.

I bought a Razer Black Widow Elite for gaming, which will not work in Synapse 2.0 so, I am stuck with the default "spectrum cycle" whenever I lock my screen. I cant figure out how to set even a basic static color to use as the default setting. I have combed the forums (an internet) for any way to do this, and everything I read explains how to achieve this functionality using Synapse 2, which does not work in Synapse 3. I have even gone as far to look for a firmware update to set the default to anything but spectrum cycling.

I was lead to believe that the on-board memory in the BWE could store lighting profiles, which you could cycle through using FN + another key (the one with the square and 3 lines). This doesn't work, because there appears to be no way to select a chroma profile, just your custom keybindings, etc.

It gets worse. I primarily bought another Razor keyboard (cynosa chroma) to use as a work keyboard (I like the quiet keys) from a Secure Access Workstation, which will not allow me to install 3rd party software. Which means I am stuck with spectrum cycling and no ability to change it. This keyboard is ALSO not supported in Synapse 2! Then I learned that it has no onboard memory. Joy.

Bottom line, I am returning and getting a refund for 2 keyboards today. Sorry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Razer devices, I even have the logo as my wallpaper, but having a lighting profile stay with the colors scheme I have chosen is more important to me than new gadgets.

I have reverted my keyboard back to the Deathstalker Chroma, which I will use until it breaks (this one replaced my other Deathstalker keyboard after a couple of years).

I will not buy another new Razer product to replace it, until I am confident that I can save my lighting to the device itself, or there is some kind of a workaround to this Lock Screen issue. Plenty of other devices on the market will allow this, even devices supported in Synapse 2.

That being said, nobody should have to use beta software to get (almost) all features with a brand new device.

I am really disappointed and don't understand why this functionality was removed between Synapse 2 and Synapse 3. Try to remember that OCD people are certainly a segment of your market. A lot of computer users are OCD, especially about things that are visual. I feel like Razer really dropped the ball with Synapse 3.


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I couldn't agree more. This is very annoying since my whole desk is covered in razer products and my screen is often locked.