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Cortex start failed, please try again

  • 24 November 2018
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I can't run a cortex even after i delete and delete it using uninstall-program and manusally, and re-install latest and some old versions.

By googling and from some my experience, I found that no razer services doesn't exist in msconfig.

The problem appeared after i updated it today. before the update, it runned so well.

Lastly, I use Panda Protection and Comodo firewall. of course, i checked these program's block lists.

It is remarkable that block mark of cortex was there, comodo, when it is running well. I can't found the mark now.

Can i get some helps?

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Don't use Comodo products.

I did a clean install of W10. I couldn't get Cortex to install. This was my fix.
Installed Cotrex current version several times and it failed. Error "Cortex start failed, Please try again". many installs, always the same.
Installed Cotrex version successfully, works perfectly. Undated to newest version got error message when installing "Internal error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdesktop". The newest version will not work on my computer.

Added: Clicked OK on the "Internal error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdesktop". I was asked to restart my computer. I did and Cortex seems to be running normally on version but there is clearly something wrong with installing version
I think there's an issue with the latest installer that being downloaded before the install is that Razer Central Service is not being installed with it