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Razer Cortex 9.6 Closed Beta

  • 23 September 2019
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Dear Insiders and PUBG Fans!

If you prefer to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on your PC, then you don't want to miss out on the Razer Cortex 9.6 Razer Cortex Beta.

What's new?

Razer Cortex: Booster Prime is designed to optimize game settings automatically on your PC to achieve that sweet, sweet spot for gaming. In the beta, you can test this feature exclusively for PUBG on PC. For those that don't play PUBG, stay tuned for announcements when we open up this feature for other games.

How does it work?

Razer Cortex: Booster Prime adopts machine learning technology to generate a set of specialized game settings intelligently.

First, it detects your PC's configurations including CPU, GPU, RAM, and screen resolution. It then computes the settings needed for your PC to achieve an estimated lowest & highest FPS (Frame Per Second) for a specific game. All this is possible with machine learning as it's able to figure out optimal game configurations even across different PC's and setups.

Each predicted FPS corresponds with an optimized setting which ranges from high-quality mode to high-performance mode. With the predicted FPS, you can then set your preferred FPS to get your optimized game settings.

Simply slide for your preferred mode!

Based on this example, "competitive" mode is best recommended by Razer Cortex: Booster Prime.

Join The Closed Beta Test

Interested? Be the first ones to try it out! CLICK HERE to join this closed beta test.

Beta Feedback

You can submit your feedback right here in this forum and have discussions with other beta testers. You can also submit your feedback through the FEEDBACK button in Razer Cortex (be sure to include logs when reporting a bug for troubleshooting).

What type of feedback are we looking for?

  • Stuff that's not working
  • Stuff that could be done better (don't forget to suggest how, be constructive)
  • Stuff that looks odd or doesn't make sense to you.
  • Crashes (be as detailed as possible when describing the steps leading to the crash)
  • Bugs (be sure to provide logs)
  • What you love about it

Feedback tips

  • Check to see if a similar report to yours has been posted. If it has, reply to that thread, instead. Let’s keep it tidy!
  • Be clear and concise so that the team can work on the issues as soon as possible.
  • Tell us what operating system you're using and what game you are playing.
  • Be sure to include download links of logs if you are submitting a bug in this forum.

Log tool for forum users

This tool is used to collect necessary logs for troubleshooting. You can download it HERE.

  • Unzip it
  • Run LogCollector.exe and fill out information needed
  • Click Output and you’ll get a zipped log file on your desktop.

In order for our development team to review your logs please upload the zipped file to a third-party cloud service and include the download link in your post. The zip file is password protected. Your information will be kept safe and is confidential.

Join the beta and start sharing your thoughts on Razer Cortex 9.6!

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92 Replies

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Just joined! this is pretty cool! I am VERY excited to try this out. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference in gameplay. I am sure there will be! It is a razer program after all.
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Too bad i don't play PUBG, i would've tried it for Fortnite tho which is a very broken game, technically speaking. But i'm also excited to see which new games would be available to optimize in the future!
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Awesome updates!
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Very excited to see what other games will be coming soon, to bad Battlefield V isn't available yet, would be cool to see how the performance on my PC would be with this beta and get some rewards at the same time.
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I generally don't trust game boosters 😛
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Hmmmmmmm ✌️
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Signed it right away !!
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The idea reminds me of nvidia experience program.
Surely it looks friendly and easy to adjust games to the users set up for performance or quality preferences the word "Prime" is that caught my eye thought.Does this mean it will be a paid service?Cortex so far is a must have for gamers due to the boost/system info and cclean mostly.
I consider myself an advanced pc user so paying for a service that i can do manually or through windows apps or anyother app, well, i wouldn't.
I'll join the beta of course and hope to see something that worth paying for a service if thats the case.
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When I see some company slap on machine learning I know they are getting serious with R&D.
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Booster Prime rollout.
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More games.
This looks very handy. :smile_:
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Now that's a really good reason for people like me to restart playing PUBG :smile_:
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i don't play PUBG either. will just be here quietly waiting in my li'l corner until this comes out of beta.
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I don't play PUBG (exept when it's for P2P) so i can't really appreciate this new feature.
But i can't wait to see this applied to other games.
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If only the boost could make me less noob at PUBG xD
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Hopefully they`ll add more supported games 😮 as this looks pretty nice
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Badge +1
I haven't played PUBG for a months, but I'll try it on my PC 😛 Maybe it'll be less laggy.
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Is the Cortex itself doing the changing of graphics settings?
Too bad i don't play PUBG, i would've tried it for Fortnite tho which is a very broken game, technically speaking. But i'm also excited to see which new games would be available to optimize in the future!

By broken you mean unoptimized? I've seen worse but I kinda agree.
do we have to uninstall existing?
This is so laggy i cant even press icons and it keeps freezing. any help?
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do we have to uninstall existing?

No, it's only an update.
You just have to subscribe to the beta.
It sounds like another Nvidia's GeForce Experience software.

I personally don't like any type of software optimizing my game settings automatically, running with so called "Game Booster" or "System Booster" detecting my CPU, RAM, GPU and Screen Resolution deciding what to change... It can make things worse depending on the game within specific detailed graphic settings...I had and I know many players that uninstalled Nvidia's GeForce Experience...I rather do that myself within game graphic settings, it's common sense stuff. Most PC gamers know what to do as they build their own systems.
Looks good and working fine.
Not a PUBG fan, but I hope this can come to other games too in the future.