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Service Manual for Razer Book 13

  • 29 April 2023
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The display on my Razer Book 13 has recently stopped Working, it had a loose contact between the display and the rest of the Laptop and thus would only work at certain angles. That worked for about 2 days, then It stopped working all together. Everything else works perfectly, i can plug it into another display with an HDMI cable and everything’s there.

I have a general laptop repair station near me, but they were hesitant to take the laptop apart without a service manual, so I came here asking if anyone can give it to me, or knows what type of connection there is between the display and motherboard.

Thanks in advance!

1 Reply

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Not sure about service manual, I think I never saw Razer’s laptop has it or opened for public. I’m glad if I were wrong though. But you can track the display connector from opening the bottom lid and the vapor chamber, it’s the connection under display, that thick connector goes to motherboard, what kind of socket or plug connector type only the professional knows that I think.