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Tarok Ultimate Gaming chair base cracked.

  • 9 October 2023
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I have recently started using this gaming chair purchased from a local Currys. The chair had been purchased within the year and I’m worried it will be explained away with misuse/neglect. I’ve looked after all my Razer gear which I’ve had for years but I’m now back on my old gaming chair which I’ve had for even longer with no issue. I’m 72kg and have only been using it for a few months and it was only a couple months of use before the cylinder started sinking into the ground until now I cannot roll it around. I am not interesting in money back but I would like it repaired although, I am aware that this product is discontinued. How likely is this outcome?

2 Replies

Hey, well the bad news is that it seems to be a well known problem. My partner got this chair and started having problems in about the same time frame (harder to roll around etc). It was just out manufacturing warranty when it finally gave way and we noticed the scrapping on the floor. There are 3 others for sale on Facebook market place with the same issue. 

They make awful chairs. The stiching is coming apart on mine.