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Hi! Just fyi, we can actually fly other airlines that support KrisFlyer and earn the miles too, not just Singapore Airlines or to Singapore, as long it's under the Star Alliance group. Here you go: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/us/ppsclub-krisflyer/earn-miles/earn-when-you-fly/star-alliance/

Oh wow, really helpful
LegaL. Meus parabéns Razer Gold.
Iyuuuuuuuuuu nicerrrrr
Woo! Congrats on the 3rd anniversary of Razer Gold & Silver!

Stand to Score Giveaways & More
We are 3 this year! To reward you for your tremendous support, we have tons of exciting giveaways and gaming deals lined up till end of the year. The season of giving is near—and this year, we're rewarding you 3X more. Join our 3rd anniversary party as we celebrate 3 phenomenal years with many epic reveals.

In order to be qualified for the Grand Giveaway and/or Weekly Reveals, please complete and submit the form below for verification, once only.


3 lucky gamers will stand to score a Razer Chroma Mug, Razer Huntsman V2, Razer Basilisk V3, US$100 Bonus Razer Gold and 100,000 Razer Silver voucher each! Winners will be listed in this section after Dec 31, 2021. Here's how to score a chance:

1. Login with Razer Gold account or create a wallet.

2. Subscribe to Razer Gold & Silver email newsletters.

3. Pay with Razer Gold, play on Razer Cortex or redeem rewards from now till Dec 30th, 2021 to score.

The Weekly Reveals
Check out the weekly reveals on the progress bar for bonus Razer Silver goodies —there’s something for everyone so keep a lookout.

For Weeks 1, 4, and 8 giveaway reveals only, simply follow the steps above! The winners will be listed in this section within 14 days after the week’s reveal. Other weeks' giveaway reveals vary accordingly.

About Razer Silver
Razer Silver is the only loyalty rewards program for gamers, backed by Razer. Earn Razer Silver either by using Razer Gold to make your game purchases or participating in our software and services – find out more ways to earn. Razer Silver grants you exclusive access to our full suite of Razer gear and digital rewards. Check out the rewards catalog. 

*Note: All terms and conditions apply. Razer Silver earned via Razer Gold and/or Razer Cortex will be back to the usual rate after the promotion ends. Users are required to submit the form above to be applicable for all giveaways.

More Details:


I submitted, and since your reading this, I guess you did too
Congrats Razer

3 years and still strong!
quite suspicious now that gold.razer.com have a discount the page/service is down 😞
I had a problem with some of the promos.
Yess I collected 200 silver from cortex :wink_::wink_:
happy anniversary! :big_grin_:
Hap Birf to razer gold and silver!
I can't use my authenticator app. And I ran out of back up codes. What should I do?
I can't use my authenticator app. And I ran out of back up codes. What should I do?

Can someone help me what shoul i do?
Can someone help me what shoul i do?

I think you should post this on the support forums
Awwww, no "toast..."?

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_: Mug~~~

Hi there everyone, thank you for sharing about this giveaway 🙂
Birthday gift for all members would be great.
Random giveaways.
Silver lottery
Wow I love communism its so much better than capitalism! America is so evil!
Lastly, the team wants to hear from you. Let's keep the conversation going and reply here.

As avid users of Razer Gold and Silver, what would you like to see more of? Which promotions, deals or rewards do you like best? Which ones don't work for you? What's something you would add or change? This is your chance to let your voice be heard!

what I would like to see is more opportunities to earn silver, the cortex app seems to have a few ways but often its games i have already downloaded (meaning I don't earn anything) or earn basically nothing. I like that we can watch some ads for some extra silver but honestly betting and maybe earning some more back seems better. I just wanna earn enough that i can get something cool before my silver expires, it seems a lot of mine is cause i cant get near the 10k mark to get even a mousepad. If anything I would ask that we get some more opportunities to earn silver that aren't on the cortex app (i.e. Downloading things) but instead are things where we give our proper two cents on products. Ive heard some good things about razer products and some criticism, if we used this forum as a platform to talk about improvements and product care and maybe discuss products people want (I know people do this in the part of the forms that aren't rewarded for looking at but I feel we should have these discussions in the part of the forums that people are rewarded for.).

if we can do that I feel razer can get good marketing info, good understanding of its customer base and at the same time promote razer silver as a great loyalty program so that maybe people can contribute more. idk Im just shooting the breeze here but those are my two cents. id be happy to give more ideas.
To be honest it's not being a great anniversary because you don't have Portugal as an available country to withdraw the prize I want... Can you fix it please Razer?

100K silver!

Happy Birthday Razer Silver and Gold! It's been a great journey so far 🙂
Nice keep up the good work you are doing.