[MONTHLY SILVER] May 2024 30,000 Silver Drawing | Razer Insider

[MONTHLY SILVER] May 2024 30,000 Silver Drawing

[MONTHLY SILVER] May 2024 30,000 Silver Drawing

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Well good luck all. 



I love you ❤️

Good luck everyone 

Interesting - What should I do with the points if I win?

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I hope I Win. Inshallah

First message, first drawing, hoping it to be also the first win! GL to everyone.

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Goodluck everyone! <3

really hope I win :D but I will be happy regardless knowing at least someone out there won :D

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I wonder how many posts to get out of mini

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Fingers crossed, papa needs a new pair of shoes

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Good luck to all eligible people ;_)

Winning would be awesome! Looks like I’ll have to work on becoming “normal” rank.

I hope this time I Win 🏆

I hope me too

here is my invite code gl c70279890172

pls let me win


Kazanmam lazım 

Good luck, all!

Nice wasn't aware such things exists :)

This would be so nice :D

Can’t wait to see who wins!

Let’s GO!

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Woohoo! 😀

I sat down, thought, and wrote. Now we just have to wait. I'm tired I pray 🙏 please ✌️🤞

Im Praying I get selected

 All The Best everyone !!! 

Me 🥹💔