[MONTHLY SILVER] May 2024 30,000 Silver Drawing | Razer Insider

[MONTHLY SILVER] May 2024 30,000 Silver Drawing

[MONTHLY SILVER] May 2024 30,000 Silver Drawing

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This is worth a shot, it would be awesome to actually win something for once.



I hope I will win this time….



I hope i win

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Good luck everyone May the 4th be with you

Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I need more gear on YOU this time!!!


need that


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count me in !

GL 🍀

count me in!

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Hey razer thanks so much for 2500 silver last month hope i win again :D

Putting my name in….hopefully I get chosen, good luck to everyone.

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Hi Friends.

Good luck everyone. 🍀

hope i can win, still need to get promoted to insider first

Hope to win, i just start to use Razer stuff and it completely change my gameplay, so i want more of Razer stuff now ahah. If i’d try Razer before i would have use your stuff long time ago. Really good rating, 11/10 for my part 👌🏼

womp womp

Planning on becoming a competive gamer, Razer’s gear is the best!


Tôi sẽ là người chiến thắng



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GL to everyone



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im new so could anyone explain what silver razor coins and how do i rank up from insider mini