[RAZER SILVER] How to Earn Razer Silver on Razer Insider | Razer Insider

[RAZER SILVER] How to Earn Razer Silver on Razer Insider

[RAZER SILVER] How to Earn Razer Silver on Razer Insider

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It’s been over a year since we moved to the new platform, and we hope that all of you have gotten used to the new look and feel of the site. Along with the shiny new coat of paint we’ve also received a number of tune ups under the hood which means that a lot of the ways Insiders can earn Razer Silver have changed. 



All of our partner giveaways include prizes where anyone who enters the drawing is eligible to earn Razer Silver as long as they have reached the “Normal” rank on Razer Insider. Reaching “Normal” rank is easy. Engage in conversations and reply at least 10 times and create five topics to reach “Normal” rank.


Weekly and Monthly Drawings

The second way to earn Razer Silver is through weekly and monthly participation along with just being good community members on Razer Insider. Simply reply to the drawing threads to enter, however you must have reached “Normal” rank in order to qualify for the prize. See above for details on reaching “Normal” rank.


Good Behavior

On top of that, we'll be looking at community members who contribute to Razer Insider and be entering them into their own random drawing pools to earn Razer Silver. These contributions include but are not limited to Leaderboards, sharing experiences in our Shout out to our Razer Support Rockstars thread, engaging in our product update threads along with our promos


The Badge System

Badges are non-repeatable, one-time earned rewards that offer a substantial amount of Razer Silver to be earned and rewarded to the most active, helpful and engaged members of the community. Badges will be rare initially and those who earn them will have them show up in their profile. We’ll offer a few hints as to how to earn some of the easier badges, but for the most part, how badges are earned will remain a mystery and the time it takes to earn badges are lengthy but definitely worth it.

Our Enlightened badge was the first to be earned on the site. Solve 100 threads in order to earn this badge. Keep in mind, we audit the solved threads so please make sure to only mark threads that have actually been solved. And do your best to refrain from marking yourself as the “Best Answer.” If we find that you are abusing this function, not only will you lose that point for solving a thread, but you might also earn yourself a ban as well. 

Here are some general hints to get you started:

  • Create conversations! Razer Insider is more than just helping others with community support. It’s also a place to discuss all things, Razer!
  • Go to our future live events, take a photo, create a thread and tag @dekades to see what happens!
  • Take a photo with our CEO, Min!
  • Eventually you’ll reach 500 topics, 500 replies and provide 50 answers. That’s an achievement in itself!
  • Getting liked means you’re pretty cool, right?

Good luck!








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