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All of my Razer products keep disconnecting

  • 27 January 2021
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This issue seems to be one that many other people have had. I have a Kiyo, a Black Widow Elite, a Naga Trinity, a Kraken Ultimate, a Base Station Chroma, and a Goliathus mousemat. My issue is that every time I go fullscreen in an application, be it Battlefront 2, Microsoft Edge, or Netflix, and I'm sharing my screen via Zoom or using Streamlabs, all of my devices briefly cut out. Sometimes it's for a split second, other times it's for longer. Sometimes it happens all at once, whereas other times it'll cut out, come back, cut out, come back, repeating for minutes at a time. This makes this entire setup completely useless to me. Many of the devices I bought, I bought for streaming. Now in order to stream I have to run the games in a windowed state, and even then sometimes my mic will cut out and I'll have to manually reenable it. I tried deleting Synapse 3, which meant making my devices even less useful for their intended purposes, and the problems persisted. I upgraded my power supply, still issues. I changed every single USB setting to not allow Windows to disable them to save power, still issues. I did a clean reinstall of Windows, making my computer useless for college for the next few days, and after reinstalling Battlefront 2 and Zoom alone, the issues still persisted. I don't have a single idea how to fix this, and if I can't in the next few days, I will be selling all of my Razer equipment, telling everyone I know to stay the hell away from Razer in general, and giving all of my business to Corsair or a similar competitor. Please respond, as I do enjoy Razer's peripherals and software, and I'd like to continue using them, I just don't have any idea as to how to proceed anymore. If the support team needs my Windows update version or any other numbers like this, I'd be happy to provide them.

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2 Replies

I am also having this problem with the Goliathus Chroma Extended and Deathadder Elite. I have reset both devices, disconnected and reconnected them, etc., yet I continue to have this problem as well. I'm running Win10 on a Dell 5300 and keep Windows itself updated obsessively.
I have a problem with my Deathadder Elite mouse that recently started disconnecting and reconnecting. I mainly play CSGO and it feels like whenever I play it starts to disconnect randomly and reconnect a few moments after. This is very annoying and I have been unable to find any fix to it yet. I have also seen/heard on other pages on the internet that Razer products tend to have hardware problems so I might have to look other ways for a better gaming experience.