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Base Station V2 - Disconnects randomly every 2-3mins

  • 5 January 2023
  • 4 replies

I recently purchased the Base Station V2 and since connecting it to my computer every few minutes the Base disconnects (makes a disconnect sound) and then reconnects. I also have a Razer Baskalisk Mouse/Base and a Cynosa Chroma keyboard and have never had any issues with those devices. When the base station disconnects it refreshes my other devices and restarts the RBG on those devices.

I have tried unplugging, restarting computer and plugging back in after restart - did not fix
I have tried plugging in the base station into other USB ports on my motherboard - did not fix

The only thing I have found as a workaround is to shut down all Razer software. This is not a preferred solution since my devices do not work correctly unless Razer software is running and the RGB goes back to stock rainbow/color cycle.

Is this a known issue? Anything I can do to fix?

4 Replies

I have the same problem and I’m close to trashing it. It’s extremely frustrating and annoying. 

Same. Very annoying, currently it is disconnected and used just as pice of metal stand

same happened to me, i thought it was my usb ports that were mal functioning but every other usb device works good, i purchased a new base and same issues happening, disconnecting and connecting,  when i turn on my computer the stand will not turn on, base sucks.

Exact same problem with mine. Razer sent me a new one and I have the exact same issue ! is that a joke ?