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Blade 15 2018 Audio problems - Only plays through headphone jack

  • 27 April 2019
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Hey all,

I purchased the Blade 15 2018 Advance model in June last year, but recently been having some issues with the audio output. I've been using headphones to listen to music and video recently, i had been able to switch between the speakers and headphone jack for the output quite easily in windows audio panel.

But i am now encounter a problem where the audio will only play through the headphone jack even when there are no headphones plugged in.

I can solve the issue with reinstalling the audio drivers for the device, but as soon as i plug and unplug my headphones, the issue appears again. Windows does not seem to see them as two different outputs?
I've looked online for some answers and done ll the things i ca think of... has anyone else encountered this or does anyone have a solution??

Thanks in advance for an responses.

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Does this only occur when switching from a headset with 3.5mm jack to speakers or are you getting the same results with a USB headset? Issues like these especially if it persists after reinstalling drivers, typically point to a faulty audio jack. Do send me a PM so we can further isolate.