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Can't install Synapse 3

  • 8 January 2019
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Hello all,

I have a Naga 2014 that I have loved for years. It bit the dust the other day so I purchased the Naga Trinity as replacement. Synapse 2 wasn't recognizing it, so I figured I needed to upgrade to Synapse 3.

I downloaded the installer, but when it begins to launch, It gets as far as showing a menu screen for about a second then it disappears. The taskbar icon for the installer is still there at the bottom of the screen, it's just the actual window is gone.

Has anyone seen a problem like this? and does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? Sorry if this has been posted, I searched, but did not find.


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4 Replies

Have you tried to launch the application as an admin?

Also make sure that the system security and firewall isn't blocking anything.
Hi, thanks for the reply.
I have tried launching as admin, but it doesn't resolve the issue. Also, I disabled the virus protection and firewall, but also no luck.

Here's a thing: I just tried installing again and took a screen grab of the installer window before it disappeared. I noticed that the window is actually there, just invisible. So I clicked where the "install" button is, and it actually installed!

Now a new problem. I launch the Razer Synapse app and I once again get a totally transparent window. It's like it's actually there, but now it doesn't even flash up like it launched.

So I have it installed, but can't interact with it at all.

Any ideas?

Make sure that Synapse 2 is uninstalled, if the issue continues after that ill leave it to staff to reply cos iv got no idea!

Good Luck with the Fix!

(Don't forget there is a Live Chat which will allow you to speak directly with Razer Customer Support:
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Hey @radioShadowpulse477, please reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework as that usually does the trick. Feel free to drop a PM should you need further assistance.