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can't reinstall synapse 2 and 3

  • 17 July 2019
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I just bough mamba wireless and it cant be detected on my synapse 3. so what i did was uinstall synapse 3. i also unistalled synapse 2 coz whenever i try t open it to adjust my man-o-war it wont open. so basically i uninsalled both 2 and 3.

installed synapse 3 and now it wont detect my black widow chroma v2 and my mouse! still not detected so i upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, coz i read about some conflict between HID drivers thinking and updated win10 will fix.

now im trying to reinstall both 2 and 3 but it just wont start.

synapse 2 will start to install but it will sayy at start that it will perform an upgrade even tough i removed it already (deleted the folder at program files etc. performed cc cleaner etc). it will start to install but will stop at a certain point with error 2932; cound not create file etc. scrip data error 32

synapse 3 is the worst after clicking loading pointer will apper and boom nothing happens.

ive been reading post and performing it for about this for 2 days and now but with no luck. i cant take it anymore i have to post my own.

is reformatting my only option here???

photos below are from synapse 2 installation,
no photo for synapse 3 coz there is nothing to show.

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Hi there! Please send me a PM. I'll assist you from there.