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Concerned about warranty claim

I'm new here, and unfortunately it's because I need help dealing with an issue with my Razer product.

I recently got a Razer Blade Stealth for one of my kids that got a cracked LCD when the screen just fell out of the case while it was sitting on a desk with the lid half closed. Reading around, it seems plenty of others have had similar issues (just google "razer blade stealth screen fell out" for examples). While that's unfortunate, it's a pretty clear warranty issue (the laptop is almost new and well within its warranty period, and Razer acknowledge that), and I was hoping that getting it fixed would be a simple thing. So I contacted Razer Support, who were very apologetic and helpful, and everything seemed to be going well, with an RMA set up and the laptop picked up and taken off for service in Sydney, Australia. So far, so good, and at that point feeling happy that the warranty process was going reasonably quickly and smoothly, so I had lots of goodwill to Razer for dealing with things so professionally.

But instead of a warranty repair, I was sent a (very high) quote to pay for the repairs myself. I've queried why this isn't being treated as a warranty repair (others with this problem report having their laptops repaired under warranty) with Razer support, and unfortunately, I'm just getting no reply to my emails at all. It's been 24 hours since I queried (by email) the decision to send a quote for a paid repair (which I did immediately on receiving the quote), and I've still heard nothing back. What would have been an chance for Razer to shine with good support after an unfortunate, but not particularly concerning, product fault is becoming a nightmare.

At this point, I'm still hopeful of a sensible resolution, but as each hour passes with no reply, the goodwill is draining away fast, and I'm moving from being someone who would have recommended Razer products to others in a heartbeat to someone who won't. If this repair doesn't get sorted under warranty, I'll be telling people to avoid Razer at all costs (and pursuing the matter legally, as it's clearly a violation of Australian Consumer Law). Such a shame when it could all have been (and looked like it was going to be) handled so much better.

Meanwhile, my son is without his school laptop while we wait for a response from Razer.

I'm so, so disappointed at this point, and hoping that it's just a slow response, and not an unwillingness to meet warranty obligations on Razer's part.

I guess I'm just looking for suggestions on how to move this forward, if anyone has any? I've sent follow-up emails to the person at Razer support who sent me the repair quotation, but I'm not getting replies to any of them.

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Hi there, @JPKCoffs! Sorry to hear about your experience. Can you provide me the case ID from our Support Team through PM? I'll check your case and see what's happening. Let's continue from there.
PM sent with details as requested...