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Deathadder v2 firmware is defective

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi everyone!


Recently flashed latest firmware for razer DeathAdder v2 v1.04.01_r1 and my mouse started to fail turning on after booting my PC. I have to reconnect the USB connector manually to make it work when this happens, and it happens quite often! I want to downgrade the firmware to the previous version but was unable to find it. Can anyone help me to get my hands on the older firmware version please?


Logically that should be v1.03


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And if you test it on another PC it does the same?

No I did not and I cant, I only have spare laptops and this will never happen on a laptop I think as its not always happening on the PC.


Found older v1.02 firmware through google search and flashed it on the mouse board and it works just like before!

Would still appreciate if someone could hand me over v1.03