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Did my Viper Ultimate sensor break?

  • 15 December 2022
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I had this issue where my middle mouse click didn't work sometimes, so I applied a cleaning spray (AKAI VIDEO CLEANER) on the mouse wheel and the gaps around it, and after some shaking the mouse wheel click started perfectly functioning again and all the other clickable buttons function as well but now there is tracking/cursor movement at all, not even a little shake, everything in the software works, I only notice a little flickering when placing the mouse on the charging dock.
I applied this spray several times on other electronics and nothing of this sort happened before.

-I tried blowing air in.
-Un and reinstalled Synapse (and drivers).
-Physically disassembling and drying everything.

The result is the same, any help is appreciated.

I noticed that the sensor lens is attached to the sensor and can't be moved freely, should I go through the pain of trying to detach them and cleaning the sensor itself?

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