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Firefly V2 not compatible with Naga Epic Chroma

  • 20 December 2019
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I bought a Firefly V2 mouse pad a few days ago and when I tried it today with my Naga Epic Chroma the cursor was jittery. It seems like the micro surface isn't all that compatible with the mouse. I have an old Gigantus and it works fine on it.

My Synapse 3 and 2 (for the mouse) are both updated.
Any idea how to fix it ?

Thanks 🙂

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2 Replies

I have the same issue. I see that Snapse 2 has got rid of the configuration setup where you used to be able to update to what mouse pad you are using. Which I had used in the past.

I wish they updated to add the Naga into Synapse 3
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Hey everyone! Thanks for posting your Razer peripheral concerns here. Please send me a video showing the issue by saving it in your Google Drive or Dropbox account then paste the link via PM. Let's continue from there.