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Hammerhead true wireless problem

Yeah, I've found out that many people around have similar problems that I'm experiencing RN.

Basically I got my earbuds working as usual, listening to music, playing, etc... Suddenly for a reason both buds stop working for like 0.5s without any sound at all, and the left one is the last to reconnect (It is happening using on PC / win10, Android 10, android 7 and 6 and also iphone 5s, 8 and 10)

I've already contacted support via chat, but basically they didn't gave a F because I'm from Brazil and basically they cant do anything. It seems just because I'm from here they say: "Oh, its about your country's laws and stuff". Well, I've tested both separately for 1 hour each (I've lost 2 hours of my life trying to figure out what was the problem)

Seems the left bud is the problem, because when both are connected that little guys is the last to reconnect, and when using only the right bud it stood still for the whole hour, the left one disconnected from a range of minutes that goes from 2min to 8min. The earbud doesn't play the sound when you disconnect, it simply disconnect and reconnect after probably 0.5s.

Someone else had this problem and how to solve it?
Replacing my buds isn't viable because Razer basically don't want to, and buying new ones are out of my mind since BRL to USD is so damn high RN

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