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Heavy Graphics Stuttering / Lag with High Polling Rates on DeathAdder V2

  • 31 October 2021
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The title pretty much sums it all. I'm running Windows 10 21H1, Update no. KB5006670 (19043.1288), Synapse 3.6.1030.102715, i5-9300H@2.40GHz, 16GB's of RAM, Intel UHD 630 + GTX 1050 on Optimus on an HP Laptop, and a DeathAdder V2.

I normally use 1000 Hz polling rate on my mouse, but I've started to notice for a few days that moving my mous too fast on right-click menus, tray icons, explorer lists on detail view mode etc. I was getting quite some lag, stuttering / freezing and other issues. In games when I moved my mouse even slightly it'd usually freeze for a bit, but that isn't framerate-related. There are no CPU / GPU usage spikes I could see when a lag spike occurred, and I don't experience it when I unplug the mouse and use the trackpad, or when I set the mouse polling rate to 125 Hz. However these workarounds are not very ideal, so is anyone else experiencing it, and is it related to a bug in Synapse, if so, is it going to be patched?


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Further diagnosing the issue it seems that it's still happening in 125 Hz, just not as often.

I'm suspecting it's a Windows-related bug, as I've seen something kinda similar to it, where the DWM wouldn't immediately process any action / mouse movement above the monitor's refresh rate (60Hz in my case, since I'm on a laptop), which lead to huge lag in dragging / resizing windows in VS Code with the Vibrancy extension installed (acrylic theming for VSCode). I think what's happening to me is something similar to that, and I hope it gets fixed soon.

If it's not a Windows issue but rather a Razer driver issue, then does anyone have any clues on what's happening?
The issue seems to be resolved in the latest Windows Update (October 26, 2021 - KB5006738 (Build 19043.1320) Preview).
...Not really. It starts happening after a while.
Welp, found the cause. It seems I accidentally set the power plan to battery saver, dunno how. :)DD)
hey just wondering, if you know a fix, i have a wired deathadder v2 and am having the same issue.