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{HELP} In need of support for my Razer Lycosa Keyboard.

  • 19 February 2020
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Hello, recently I have had issues with my mac keyboard so I decided to pull out my old razer lycosa keyboard from 2013ish back when I used to be on windows.

I vaguely remembered that a few of the keys weren't working, from my memory it was only 1 or 2 of the function keys. Anyway so I booted it up installed all of the drivers and to my surprise I noticed that upwards of 30 keys weren't working, these keys that do not work were in no particular pattern and are really all over the place.

(In the attached image you will see the keys that aren't working for easier viewing I took the keys caps off them ones)

I cleaned it out deleted the drivers and reinstalled them and there still has been no change.

Is there anyone with a similar problem or a solution to this?
(Any responses would be greatly appreciated)

And this is my first post so please tell me if I've done anything wrong in this thread.

Thanks Rossy;)

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Hey @RossyBCAFC! You've pretty much gone through the recommended troubleshooting steps. Unfortunately, what you have is a PCB deterioration issue that membrane-type keyboards are known to develop, especially when shelved for long periods.

Thank you for the response, Is this something that I can repair myself or is it not even possible to do a repair (presuming a new PCB can be bought) or is this keyboard officially dead and unsaveable?

Also why does half the keyboard still work?

Thanks again Rossy
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I don't how those actually go but once you have one bad key, it's really only a matter of time before the issue spreads. It's almost impossible to repair membrane-keyboard PCBs, and we also don't sell those. I'm afraid your Lycosa is already beyond saving.
@Razer.Caziel It was worth the ask, thanks for all the help looks like I’m gonna have to stick with the £15 Amazon one for now until I either replace my magic keyboard or buy a new razer one, thankfully my 2012 Mamba is still standing very strong.
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Don't mention it. Anyways, send over a PM my way if you're on the market for another keyboard. :wink_: