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Help with a return

I got in a chat with one the employees in order to precess a return. I was told that in 2-3 business days I should be receiving the instructions for the return. It has been almost a week since then and I haven't receive anything. I have try to contact support through email in two occasions without any luck, if I try to use the chat I get a (Sorry, no support agents are available at the moment. Please visit our Contact Us , our Community Forums, page or try again during our business hours: 6AM - 10PM PST, 7 days a week.) This is ridiculous, I really love Razer, I thought you were a very respectable company but I'm very disappointed. Now I'm afraid that by the time I hear from you guys I won't be able to return the products because of your 14 days return policy.

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Once you rise support ticket as long the date is within 14 days after you receive the unit you don’t have to worry about, that’s so far I know. However due pandemic apparently the replay or chat support isn’t as fast as before there’s also hot line support depend where you live, I use it often here in EU to make things faster after rising the ticket.
I’ll change the tag to support hope some staff will pick you up there and track your case progress.
Joikansai I really appreciate you taking the time on giving me this explanation. Let's hope they can handle my case anytime soon. Thank you!!!
Did it help? I have the same problem, razer don't really appretiate returns from what I can see