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How to undervolt razer blade 15 (2021)

  • 16 January 2023
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I've started to notice some really high temps on the CPU while playing games (100C+ at times) and this is really affecting performance. after 30mins gaming I have gone from 120fps down to 50fps.

Even idle gets hot sometimes. For reference, while writing this, CPU package temps sit around 50-60c and have maxed in the low 90's.
I've tried keeping everything up to date and increasing fan speed but not much has changed. I've also tried everything on razers "How to keep the razer blade at optimal temperature while gaming" page.

I've recently discovered undervolting and it seem like a sure-fire way to keep temps down so I tired to give this a go but it seems I'm unable to. After doing a little research it I believe it's due to something being disabled in the latest BIOS.
Is there a way around this to Enable undervolting on these laptops?

Any help would appreciated, thanks!

-also, is there perhaps another reason its getting so hot, maybe something I've just missed.

Model rz09-0369
(i7 10750h, rtx 3070)

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