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Issues with Razer Phone 2

  • 18 April 2019
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I just got my replacement for the "yellow screen" problem plaguing the phones, it seems less yellow but came with a microscopic crack that only shows when light is aimed towards the screen from above.

I'm also wondering why the ROM (internal storage) is already failing in a brand new phone (identical external storage devices). I've tested it ~10 times and the storage is consistently failing with the low scores (random errors too).
The one on the left is the replacement and both were factory restored with 1080p and 60hz.

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2 Replies

I managed to get a picture of part of the crack. It's very difficult to take a picture of it but when a light is shined over the top it can easily be seen. I added red to demonstrate what isn't picked up by the camera.I've never encountered it on a phone before, I imagine it wasn't spotted during Q&A.
That seems not right, @DogwoodRoseJADEbest190! Allow us to get into this. Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Phone 2 through PM? Make sure to include the link of this thread. Let's continue from there.

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