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LED aRGB Lightstrip set orientation

  • 21 January 2023
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Hi there, I'm fairly new to the Razer community and recently purchased my first few Razer products!

I've managed to setup and link my devices and my Lightstrip around my desk. However, I cannot correctly configure my lightstrip on Razer Synapse as the orientation does not match what is reflected in real life.

The razer synapse app allows me to create a 90 degree bend in my lightstrip clockwise. However, as the desk wraps around my desk from the middle, it has an anti clockwise 90 degree turn. I have tried multiple ways to get this issue sorted but to no avail.

Please could you provide any assistance regarding this matter.

Below is a link to a post with a similar issue:

As seen in the image above, The LED Strip 2 continues vertically down the RIGHT-side edge of LED Strip 1, I wish for the LED Strip 2 to continue from the LEFT edge of LED Strip 1 as that is how they are connected in real life.


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