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Mamba TE - Scroll Failed with

Windows 10 Version 1903 Windows Insider Release.
Using Mouse Driver installed when OS was installed - See Attached Image of driver version.
Able to reinitialize Scroll wheel in Mouse Setting change number of lines to scroll will bring scroll wheel back to life.
Install of Synapse 3 worked as expected.

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Still having issues with your Razer Mamba TE, @Travelor? Send me the serial number of your mouse together with the link of this thread and let's continue from there.

*Moving thread to Support Forum for visibility.
Hey Hey FKW,
I appreciate you taking a look into this. I think it might be the setting for the scroll mouse not sticking after a reboot. Because that's when it happens either when turning on the PC from over night or the random reboot during the day. When I go into settings to get the scroll working, the "slider" for the number of lines to scroll is at 1 or 0. Move the slider to any other setting and reboot it will go back to 1. I Will send a PM with the S/N - I belive it is still under warranty, or nearing the end of warranty.
Let me know if you need me to do any other testing.