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Mamba wireless stops dead in it's tracks sometimes

  • 9 January 2019
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My mouse has been doing this for a long time now, but so intermittent it's not something I've worried about in the past. Until this morning. For whatever reason it seems to be doing it once every 20 minutes or so. Just quits working for a few seconds (like maybe 15-20 seconds) and then comes back to life. The mouse does not go to sleep when this happens (I think I have it set to like a 3 minute timeout?) and the battery right now is sitting at 76%.

I've tried killing off synapse completely and that doesn't make any difference. As well as turning the mouse off and unplugging the base station to reset it.

The mouse buttons will still work but the cursor doesn't move.

Surely there is a firmware update available to fix this issue? This mouse was $150 and isn't even 2 years old yet..

I am using windows 10 pro for workstations version 1803 on a dell precision 3620. Synapse 2.21. The model number of the mouse is RC30-013601. Right now I have open excel, word, solidworks 2017, and firefox (to write this post). Not doing anything overly taxing with the system and the uptime is only like 5 days right now (I shut it down over winter holidays).


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Hi @Pentalobe, have you tested this on multiple surfaces and have you tried running the calibration tool? Do send me a PM with the link to this thread so I can help you isolate the issue.
do you use wifi? most wifi signals and the mamba signal is working on the same frequency so it might interfere... that was my problem atleast