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Many issues, both with Synapse 3 and the Turret4XBox

  • 15 June 2019
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Since original installation, the "Razer Synapse Service," which apparently supports the Chroma and Macro features, crashes frequently. The words "The Razer Synapse Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this <x> time(s)" appear frequently in my Windows 10(x64) system event, with the last set of them being the day I gave up on using it; specifically, May 27, where it crashed 8 times in merely 3 hours.

In addition, the service is very inconsistent in behavior; it frequently refuses to open the Synapse window, with no reliable behavior to determine why. The only semi-reliable fix when this happens is to entirely close Razer apps and then start over.

I tried all the recommended support techniques: restarts, elevated permissions, reinstalls, clean installs (including digging through my registry to kill anything razer related), making sure I'm fully updated (both OS and software). Nothing has worked. I submitted a ticket (03045753), but follow-up was very slow or non-existent. I submitted a requested file including logs, but the system kicked it back for being too big; asking for specifics on getting around this problem was entirely ignored. I never heard anything again except for automated emails telling me my ticket was idle. I pretty much gave up on it, but figured I'd maybe give the forums a try.

I've pretty much resigned myself, at this point, to just using the Turret for XBOX I purchased in early May without any chroma or macro features (which includes the hypershift and F-row keys), especially since Chroma seems to drain the battery very rapidly anyway. I still have the original turret (two, actually) and an old Lycosa+Deathadder (original style) on a large Goliathus, so even if this goes pear-shaped, I do have back up devices. But charging the RTfXB is very unreliable unless both devices are plugged directly into the machine; it seems to work barely 1% of the time when plugged into the wall. I love the design, and my use-case makes this a great candidate as a permanent-primary, but this complex of issues has me seriously questioning whether to buy Razer again in the future.

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2 Replies

Thanks for not getting back to me. Thanks a bunch.
I have deleted all Razer software from my computer. Had similar issues to you with the addition of having my ethernet connection frequently just stop transferring data. I am able to use the Orbweaver chroma without any razer software, minus 80% of the features I purchased it for. The dodgy, resource hogging software is not worth the effort, nor is this company worthy of my business.