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Microphone issues after installing razer synapse

  • 23 November 2022
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I am having no audio coming from my microphone after installing the software to manage my cynosa lite and deathadder essential. I have tried looking this up and have found no solution, my usb microphone works still and I am certain that it was the software that broke it as I was in a discord call as I was installing it and it was working mid way through the download and just stopped outputting. In the installer I also wanted to install the surround sound (I realised that this was probably meant for razer headsets afterwards), but even after uninstalling the issues still exist. I also tested if the headset was the problem and switched the headset out and still to no avail the issues persist.

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2 Replies

I forgot to post this in the thread but the keyboard and mouse are the only razer items I own the headset I am using is not razer.
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Hi Snippity_Snap,

Are you also using software to manage your headset's audio or RGB? Have you tried temporarily disabling the Synapse app to check if your headset behaves the same? If you were able to isolate the issue and it's the Synapse 3 app that's causing it, PM me the current version of the app so I can raise your concern to the relevant team for further diagnosis. Thanks!

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