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Multiple Wolverine models Bumper/Trigger mechanic self destructive design

I own a wolverine tournament edition, after the RB and LB buttons started to perform less acurate and sometimes LB even got stuck and wouldnt press, i decided to check tutorials on how to disassemble so i could clean the controller semi-professionaly. (assuming clutter was the issue)

Once i had everything opened with decent tools and before i started cleaning (apart from the ocasional brushing off some dirt build-up), i started analysing and gently moving parts to see what kind of wonderfull mechanics you guys cramped in this thing.

I have to say i was amazed at the quality of certain parts and how it al is assembled very steadily.
I found my problem though, and its not really something i was expecting, because its a blatant design flaw that i can even show you better on the NEWER version the wolverine v2...

On the wolverine 2 as you can see in this video on youtube made by someone else:

you designed the trigger with a larger piece of plastic at the end to either close off any openings when spqueezed or to lock it in place by resting on something to stop the spring in the trigger
This causes damage to the bumper and even makes it that in certain positions you cannot press both the bumper and the trigger.

On the tournament edition this plastic end is way shorter, so the opposite of what happens with the razer v2 happens.
it rests on top of the bumper when not touched by the player, but instead of creating a problem when the trigger is squeezed, it creates stress on the bumper when NOT squeezed causing the bumper to be pushed 90 degrees away from the normal range of motion. (if you regard the pushing of a bumper to be a forward motion, the trigger pushes down on the bumper forcing a constant DOWNWARD motion, wich causes strain on the mechanical part.)

When you squeeze the trigger, the bumper has significantly better performance, because its path is not obstructed. and when you squeeze the trigger past a certain amount, it gets obstructed again because of a plastic piece on the trigger covering the spring of the trigger, it rotates with the trigger and at some point it rotates towards the outer part of the bumper and blocks the bumper from being pressed.

I would like to advise the development team/person to take note of these parts (bumper/trigger) and either create more space between these 2 parts or put a plastic strip/divider between these parts that is part of the actual controller 'case', a non (re)movable piece of plastic.

Because in these 2 designs, and maybe other designs also, the trigger rests directly on top of the bumper.
So the one thing stopping the spring in the trigger from going further OUT, is another mechanical part!

For me, i see no other choice but to get another controller now, and i will have to look for a design where the trigger and bumper do not TOUCH ever, either when activated or when resting.
I hope Razer offers a model like this based on the Xbox controller, because i very much like the models you guys make.
I simply dont want a controller to self destruct after 6 months because of a design flaw.

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