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Need help figuring out workaround to remap the Windows key.

  • 4 December 2019
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Razer Synapse 2.0 did not prevent you from being able to remap the Windows key to some other key press/action/macro. Considering the windows key location, it is in a very valuable location on the keyboard. I was using it as a modifier(s) (ctrl+shift+alt), and other various things depending on game/program.

I finally got tired of waiting for my previous keyboard to be supported by synapse 3.0, and decided to buy a new one, simply so i can use 3.0, which is what my mouse uses. But now when hovering over windows key, the tool-tip says "This key cannot be remapped."

I understand there are other keys available that i could use, or could do what i want by using hypershift but without using the windows key. I fully intend to use the hypershift functionality a ton, but still, i would like to get synapse to communicate with the windows key.

I'm thinking maybe I could use AutoHotkey to remap the windows key to some button i'd never use, then setup the wanted actions in synapse to the said key that i used autohotkey to remap in replace of the windows key. I'm not sure if this would even work though. I wouldn't be surprised if synapse only listens to keyboard key positions, rather than remaps made using other software. Either way, maybe someone else has an all around better solution / workaround? Thanks for reading.

P.S. Considering it is possible to disable the windows key completely (ie: game mode), I think being able to remap it makes sense.

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Thanks for posting your concern on our Support board. I understand how important utilizing the Windows through key mapping to you. However, the keys AutoHotKey may or may not be detected or allowed by the Razer drivers. Razer Synapse communicated to the installed device driver from Razer, but not to Windows. AutoHotKey creates input and sends it to Windows, not to the Razer driver, and needs the Razer Chroma Application Program Interface. I'll forward this as software feedback. I recommend using your Razer Synapse feedback option under settings so our Software developers can directly receive your message. Feel free to send me a PM should you need additional assistance.