Problems after the update on 06.11.23. Headphones Razer BlackShark v2 stopped working THX special audio | Razer Insider

Problems after the update on 06.11.23. Headphones Razer BlackShark v2 stopped working THX special audio

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After updating synapse, there are problems with enabling thx spatial audio. When I click on thx spatial audio or stereo, the sound does not change.



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Same problem with Razer Kraken TE!

Sound is like having a cups over the ears and some kind of speakers playing the sound…


We need the update ASAP!!! #RazerWakeUp


````Can’t enjoy gaming till this bug is not fixed...````

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Who marked this solved? Need an update or fix from Razer

Topic is for the Blackshark and it’s not fixed, there is no THX. I deleted all Razer folders as suggested and uninstalled the Software, I reinstall then plug in adapter and still not working.


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Still there is no improvement almost 2 month???

Shame on RAZER

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition , I just got a brand new second set and thought they were broken!!  Spent 3 hours trying to get this to work. Then tried my old ones and same thing.  My THX spatial audio doesn’t even show up now. 

Happy I found this so I know I’m not alone here. 

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20231207 update does not work too. All the same. Drivers seems generic driver. Sound and microphone is garbage.

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all I know is before this update I had amazing sound with custom eq with stereo mode for overall gaming and music. now with same settings the headphones sounds like flat sound cheap headphones.  nice update…..

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Can we create a petition to bring back the old version when there was a split into two devices?

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It is honestly incredible how they have not once mentioned 7.1 surround sound being gone for everyone. that is the main issue, there just isnt surround sound. Rollback the update already

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Hey guys! I am unsure if anyone has said what I am about to say but that’s besides the point. I just got off of a lengthy chat with support. The consensus we arrived on was just wait for a patch because they are aware of this issue and the only way its going to be fixed is with the new patch that will arrive. I asked for an ETA but they are not sure when it will arrive. 


TLDR; we are screwed till a new patch arrives. 

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Within 48 hours, I don't know if you agree with the last post I sent to technical support to not show it as resolved


[ The problem continues, I decided to wait for the next update, if it does not improve, I will not buy and buy a razer product again, the people in the forum will be in this direction, you publish the update you made without checking it, you see that no one in the forum had a problem 2 weeks ago, if you take back the update, the problem of the people will be solved.

Error : Update failed to complete. Please contact technical support ( my opinion is that technical support is inadequate, delete, uninstall, restart the computer, we already do these things and contact you )  ]

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Hahaha, they are pathetic! So incompetent..., clearly they have no intention of solving the problem. They just don't care... They force you, along with a $100+ headset, to buy a $20 app to make them work as intended...

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God, I unknowingly upgraded and now thx doesn't work either, when will they fix it?I bought Razer products for the first time, and it looks like the last time

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Last update 29.11.23 dont change anything. Sound in game (pubg) shit (The sound is interrupted. The volume level changes every second). ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 G634JZ-N4035. Razer Blackshark V2 Pro.



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Same with the Razer Kraken Ultimate, EQ doesn’t seem to work, changing between Stereo and THX Spatial Audio in Synapse doesn’t change the sound either since the newest Update. Also the THX audio canal in the Windows settings itself just disappeared.

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The second update and epic fail again. My blackshark v2 turned into ordinary cheap headphones. It seems this is my last purchase from razer.

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I use BlackShark Pro v2 and after update not work THX Spatia, i delete reinstalled,do everythink in internet use troubleshoots and didnt work for me the problem still Synapse after update because i play only Valorant and no see any diffirent from Stereo or THX and need to say THX Spatia now dont support Valorant like game ??

I use Youtube and try it to see diffirent when use 100% BASS and increase volume nothink change it … just the same THX and Stereo dont have any diffirents now and mega low is now 249$ Headset is like 50$ without THX is mega bad before i this shit update from Razer i use 20-25 volume without increased bass or volume or anythink.Now i use all increased 100% in synapse with 40-55 % volume and again HEAR SOOO BAD mega BAD .. now is not 360% hear everythink close to me… for me this update make it headsets from razer trash...Enhancement from Synapse just better to be delete… not have any diffirents now i change it there settings and just is the same without do anythink...

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I'm tired of waiting, they can at least post an announcement ( like we're working on a problem )

They are busy making money (Black Friday, etc.) and the only developer is in holiday.

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im experiencing exactly the same problem with my blackshark v2 pro headset right now. and there is no sound change in my equalizer settings either.

What is your opinion on this: is it a problem with the synapse itself or with the headset?
"Sorry for my English"

i think it's a problem with the update, and i think they will fix it soon

same Problem with Razer Nari


I have the same issue on my Blackshark v2 as well and from recollection there was an option before in the windows sounds control options to choose THxSpatial and that now no longer exists, so I think that may be our issue.  Hoping this can be resolved since this was the main reason I bought this headset, after this update I feel like I lost the submersion of sound that I had before.  Experience is everything and hoping the Razer team can correct this quickly with all this feedback about the issue.

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BlackShark v2, got new udate right now and still no changes between Stereo and THX...

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My interactions with Razer regarding the sound quality issues and the removal of Spatial audio modes have been frustrating. The responses from their support seem automated, offering repetitive solutions like reinstalling or sending logs, without addressing the core problem.


It feels like a quantum leap backward, trying to convince users that a missing feature is still somehow present and functioning well. It's perplexing.


It's apparent that Razer may underestimate the awareness of its user base. In 2023, consumers are more educated and discerning. Comparisons to a bygone era of corporate dominance, as depicted in William Gibson's novels, feel out of touch. We're not in a time where corporations can unilaterally dictate terms to consumers.


Razer needs to be mindful of potential legal implications as well. Presenting a fully-featured software and then removing a key element (Spatial audio modes) while asking users to pay for it could be a breach of contractual agreements. Many users chose Razer products based on specific features like Spatial audio, and this sudden change is causing dissatisfaction.


Wishing Razer success in their new direction, but also gearing up for potential battles, perhaps even in the legal arena if these issues persist.


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So that Razer understands, I have 792 clients contact me with this problem.

My razer nari essential thx audio is not workin after this update too please fix this


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nothing changed