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Razer Athers - manufacturer defect product.

  • 29 August 2019
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I have complain about Razer Athers mouse dongle,
After buying a Razer Athers i have been using it for work and study for the past year only using the bluetooth function, Recently in the summer i had some extra free time and i though that i would start using the mouse on the wifi 2.4 cause the ms will be much better so i can finally start gaming with it. After putting the dongle on my pc port [new pc] it got stuck in it and it was not a remove-able how gentle and careful i was, after 30-60 mins it finally came out but sadly got split from the case and kinda is stuck in my pc and took me over 2 hours to finally take it out and that usb part on my pc isn't even working anymore thank to this product, I though this was completely my fault but turns out that this issue has happened to way 2 many people on this exact same product, So many has been complaining on reddit as seen here:




And many more... It sounds like a manufacturer defect that has caused this and even more problems to my pc usb hubs... i tried contacting support but they don't even have this product on there support page.

kind regards

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Nice Support. Not even a reply.
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Hi there! Thanks for posting your concern here. Sorry if your original post has been overlooked. It's just sad to see that our Razer Atheris dongle end up like that. By the way, did you connected the dongle to your new PC's USB port or it was a different port? And yes, the Razer Atheris USB dongle is not for sale and the USB dongle is pre-paired to the mouse. This means that it should be replaced as a bundle. Please send me a PM, let's continue from there.