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razer basilisk v3 pro dongle isnt working

  • 13 January 2023
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a few days ago the dongle of my basilisk stop working, i mean the conection via bluetooth or cable usb are still working, but if i try to use the 2.4ghz dongle, nothing happen, the system and the app synapse 3 doenst recognize it

28 Replies

I have the same issue with the dongle not working. Have to use wired  on a wireless mouse for gaming. . Hope razer would look into this , guessing likely a software issue. 

My adapter for the Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed mouse is broken, is it possible to order a replacement? I live in Europe - Poland.



pls help me

I found video on youtube dude uploaded program for reset paring with mouse and receiver. Maybe it help somebody. In my case (basilisk v3 pro) my receiver is dead. I tried turn this cr*p on two deferent pc, but it still not working. Now I have wireless mouse who working only by wire, this happy end by razer!

If your mouse is still on warranty, then RMA the dongle.


THIS WORKS, i bought a mouse on eday for cheap with out the dongle and then bought the dongle separately paired it and it worked