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Razer Basilisk V3 scroll wheel issues

  • 25 September 2023
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When I pick up my mouse and put it back down, the scroll wheel gets clicked in without me actually pressing on it and therefor activates the scroll wheel. At one point the scroll wheel itself wasn’t working but that has been resolved already but the other issue is still happening which never happened before. It’s not only during gaming but it happens in general too.

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11 Replies

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Hi @ChinoukVM,


Does the problem persists regardless if you’re running the Synapse app or not? Try repairing the app or reinstall the mouse’s driver for further isolation. If that didn’t help, PM me the serial number so I can verify its model and check my resources for other model-specific workarounds. Thanks!

when i do scroll up and down it is not working, i do change settings to mouse 4 and 5 button that is now for the  scroll up and down. please help me admin thanks


This is a separate problem that has to do with my scroll wheel button on my v3, out of the blue it randomly stopped working and now it works once every 15 or more clicks, could this be something that i can fix by blowing out dust and or software side or is it a mechanical issue that razer has to fix themselves 

Same issue here. mouse wheel automatically clicks and scrolling behaves really weird. it happend suddenly yesterday in my v3 as well. let me know if you have found any solutions.

I’ve had a similar issue with my v3. When I lift the mouse it will scroll as if I had rolled the mouse wheel a click. I found that turning off the lighting resolves the issue. 

I just bought this mouse three days ago and last night, it just randomly started scrolling down.  It happens pretty constantly and I have already tried to repair razer synapse and it didn’t do anything.  I’m not sure if it’s some setting that’s enabled or if I just got a defective mouse, but I would really appreciate a solution.




i have the same problem, i already uninstall synapse and the drivers and is no solution 

Raxer Basilik Ultimate - brand new. (just past its return date… go figure) 

Razer Synapse Beta 

Issue is the scroll wheel on this mouse has a mind of its own. Scrolling up and down on web pages it’s scrolls up while I'm scrolling down or it scrolls by itself. I’ve tried just about everything including upgrading synapse no help. I’m about to toss this very expensive “gaming” mouse.  I hope someone can suggest a fix or out it goes and never to be purchased again. 

I had this issue and has been fixed by turning off the RGB lights.

Insane. I’m long time razer customer but honestly their software is so bad that i’m considering to don’t buy anymore products from them.

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Hi guys!


Thanks for alerting us about the scroll wheel issues that you are currently having. Have you tried updating its firmware? Please drop me a PM with the serial number of your mouse so we can provide isolation steps on how fix the said issue.


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