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Razer Chroma Effects No Longer Working After Synapse Update

  • 20 April 2019
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Yesterday I purchased a new Razer Blade Stealth V3 from the Razer Outlet Refurbished. As of now it's been working perfectly, and when I went into Razer Synapse to mess with the settings everything worked fine. This is the model without RBG lighting on the keyboard, so of course none of the color-changing chroma settings altered the keyboard, but if white was selected as the color then all the chroma effects (such as ripple, fire, reactive, etc) would work to alter the general lighting of the keyboard. After I installed a recommended update, those settings have changed, I lost all of my profiles I made that had the reactive and wave effects, and all I can select between currently is whether or not I want to checkmark a box for "enable breathing effect". I know that the effects are possible because I was using them for about 12 hours before the update and they worked perfectly with my keyboard, they just didn't change colors. Now it's like I've been disabled from anything but the breathing effect even though the other things would work before this update that barred be from them. Any help is appreciated.


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Hi there, @Carnelianflowever277! Can you post a video of the said issue? It would be best if we have the video so we can see what is exactly happening.