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razer kitty headset disconnecting

  • 26 February 2023
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I’ve had my razor kitty headset since Christmas 2021 and they’ve recently started disconnecting a lot with a popping noise. I’m not sure if it’s a razer synapse issue because it’s everytime I move my laptop slightly it disconnects like there’s an issue with the usb/wire that’s broken ?? Is there a way I can fix this if it’s a wire issue ? Kinda upset they’re not even that old and they’re already showing signs of wear and tear :(

61 Replies

SO I love my Kitty’s,  great sound, everything!. I am a  online radio Dj. I use these for monitoring as I have a stand alone mic.  Whats happened is all of a sudden, when streaming, I will get that slight pop and then  my Spacial Audio Program ( SAM ) will freeze. Literally go dead in the water. I had no problems with the headset until now. I have tried plugging it into a hub and still the same thing, I use them without the Synapse  etc.. drivers are all correct. They work and then,  crackle and everything freezes.  I cant use them, when Djn, because of this. It interrupts the streaming and I have to reset my SAM and sometimes even the PC. 

How do I fix this?

I use Windows 11. and SAM version pro, 2020.8

I use a Blue Snowball. Mic and or the Razer Sirein. 


I got my Kitty headset in November and this issue started happening about 2 months ago and now it keeps happening about 5 times every 15 minutes. It’s really annoying and the sound genuinely hurts my ears. Wish I knew of this issue back when I got them or else I would’ve avoided getting them. 

I have the same problem here...

Yeah, had the same problem. Sent it in for fixing, it worked for a few months then did it all over again. Doesn’t matter where I plug in the headphones, the problem persists. Honestly, the razer kitty headset suckd, don’t buy from here again.

useful for everyone who uses this headset:

After buying 4 headsets to adapt better, thinking that the problem was with my Razer Kraken Kitty 7.1 THX, as it kept disconnecting and connecting all the time, I discovered that it has a series of interferences with the passage of energy that the USB of the PC can transmit to it. Basically, it requires a greater amount of power than the PC's USB can provide. The solution I found was to remove the PC USB power limiter in device management and reduce the RGB light intensity in Razer Synapse (from 100 to 40, but no RGB effect is better)So it started working. Sad is not it? But that's it. There is a problem with its construction that requires more power than the PC's USB can transmit.

edit01: Just leaving some information for the people who have it and think it is ''defective'' and for those who have already experienced this.

edit 02: I discovered it through this foreign video and the first comment on the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFLELRIADqw&ab_channel=Mau

edit 03: I bought 3 headsets since then, Razer Kraken Hello Kitty Version headset, RazerThresher 7.1 headset for PS4 and Razer Kraken Kitty Bluetooth headset.


edit 04: Razer know about this problem and not give for us the information to resolve this. 



Hey guys, I seem to have found the solution!!!!
seeing I was not covered by the warranty anymore i took it into my own hands to figure it out. I knew from the beginning it wasn't an issue with software so I looked at the headset itself. I found the issue to be with the USB input. So I ordered some cheep 5-connection USB-connectors (5th one is for the ground cable) on aliexpress and replaced the USB-connector DIY style. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!! crazy how razer hasn't found this solution or shared it with the community. anyway, hope it helps!


I believe this will work with all razer/kraken headsets with the same problem!

i had exactly the same problem   send them back got new ones  same thing..  The Razer Kitty Kraken headset has never worked properly  no mater how many  tips  and steps i took  to try to fix this problem so got a new set dif  one from razer   they where really  nice about this but i wish they could have fixed this problem cus i really did like the headset   it was so totally cute

I have the Razer Kranken kitty headset too and the same problem happens to me.. I even went back to the store i bought it in here in denmark and even got a replacement but same problem with this one… i have tried following every single test/thing on this thread that could be the problem but still with no result… the Kranken kitty headset is super comfy and nice but the problem with it is just not making it worth it at all I have had contact with support and with again no succes… I do not know what to do and atm im really seeing this as a thing I lost money on.. If anyone have a fix or anything i might havent tried yet please lmk bc if this is how the headset just is then it shouldnt be sold…


It came back… I used to be on and off starting from maybe half a year after buying it, then about a year ago it got unusable, and I found the lights fix. It was working with minimal issues, only sometimes some crackling in the sound which curiously always was fixed by… rubbing the cord with my hand a bit. Now few days ago the disconnects came back, and they’re happening more often now. sometimes it seemed like it happened every five minutes, but sometimes it seems to go away for a long time.

My lights have been off the whole time too so whatever it is seems to be caused by something else.

The disconnects feel like they tend to happen when i move my head/body in some way, but i can’t ever seem to get them to happen “on command”, like by moving the cable, headset, body, trying to gently push and pull on it...

Having the same issue.  Issue can be reproduced on two different PC.

I have the same problem here.. I can’t no longer use the free support because my warranty time is over.

I don’t want throw away my headset like this… after few years.  Razer, please DO something.

Is there any sort of solutions? 

thanks in advance <3 



guys, give this a try. found it after long research

Dont work :/


But disabling lightning on synapse fixes the problem…. Too pity of half usage :( Razer please fix this year old issue!!

Same issue here. I’m getting really upset that this is happening because I had just the Razer Kraken headset and used to drag those poor headphones around with me in a laptop bag for transport for years. That headset literally started to fall apart (the padding on the top and around the actual headphone). Which is what made me want to purchase another pair of Kraken headphones, but cuter this time. It’s making me reconsider purchasing Razer products in the future which is really upsetting because I’ve never had an issue with my keyboard or the original Kraken headset, just the Kitty Kraken headset. I really wish there was an official answer and advice on this, since no matter what trouble shooting, uninstall reinstall, different USB ports, updates etc none of it actually fixes the issue since it always returns. 

Having same issue
I have repeatedly unplugged, kill any Razer process, and reinstalled. Then come here and looking for a solution from Razer. Why is there no official answer on this issue?

Constant disconnect, reconnect for these headphones literally make this an issue for these headphones. seems like a software issue as they work good until the razer drivers are installed and then it causes mega issues. Very surprised this hasn’t turned into a lawsuit on these headphones already

I have the same issue. It is driving me insane!

I had uninstalled and reinstalled synapse which seem to do the trick for about an hour or two, but then it started again. Now the only to make it stop with the noises is by ending all tasks related to razer. It sucks cause I have a lot of razer stuff and I now all my lovely lights and stuff won't work or my headset keeps popping.. It is obviously a software issue. I really hope razer will fix it soon!

I also have this Problem for more than a Year… I was looking for so many different solucions, but nothing helped. It must be the Headset, because the Razer Kraken Ultimate Headset of my boyfriend works perfectly fine on my PC but my Kitty Headset has the same issue on his PC. Even my games freeze when its reconnecting and this is really frustrating in FPS Shooters.

Pls help

j’ai le même problème que vous , j’ai renvoyé mon premier casque et le 2eme fait le même problème  

I'm havinf the same problem… Since last year it keeps conecting and disconecting. Just a click sound...

OMG. So it’s not just me having the issue????

I got the wired one and now it’s not usable. When I am just licensing, it keep on stopping annoyingly. I can’t even finish one whole some without having the issue.

What’s worse is when I am playing any game, it will just make a stop sound and my game will freeze. I can switch windows and do anything fine on other windows. Only my game will unfreeze after the Razer Kitty comes back.

I got mine since 2020 and this issue started since July this year.

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Hi guys, 


I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing the same problem. Please PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and help you escalate your concern to the relevant team for a replacement request if necessary. Thanks!

I have the same problem as well :(

I’ve had my razor kitty headset since Christmas 2021 and they’ve recently started disconnecting a lot with a popping noise. I’m not sure if it’s a razer synapse issue because it’s everytime I move my laptop slightly it disconnects like there’s an issue with the usb/wire that’s broken ?? Is there a way I can fix this if it’s a wire issue ? Kinda upset they’re not even that old and they’re already showing signs of wear and tear :(

Mine is doing the same and I got them January 2023 I’m not sure why,  there is no visible damage to the wire and the usb is fine the headphones also do the same thing with other devices so we know it’s the headphones. Probably going to have to buy different ones. 

Bumping this issue. Happening to me too, loud clicking and popping noises as though there are connectivity issues. Audio alternates between headphones and laptop at will. The headphones have been owned for almost two years, but hardly used at all. Please respond, Razer. They are unusable.

Same here, after 2y working fine, have the issues since several month. 

No answer from Razer ?!

Having this same issue and it’s driving me insane. I keep this headset on a holder, only use it for two games that I need surround sound for. Tried reinstalling synapse, other usbs, my laptop, doesnt matter. Nothing I try works and it disconnects and reconnects with a loud pop over and over again. Endlessly. No matter what I try. I’m losing my mind and want a fix. This headset is barely a year old and not even my MAIN headset and its still working like ive been throwing it around and keeping it on 24 7