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Razer Kiyo Stopped working after turn ring light on

  • 28 April 2023
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Just bought one today brand new out the box and got this issue within 10mins of use. for sure just going to return it, even the firmware update is locked.

I’m glad I found this thread, even though realizing it’s a hardware issue sucks 😅 This exact thing happened to me a week ago. Working fine for 13 months then during a meeting last week the camera turned off, the ring light suddenly started to flicker and there was a buzzing sound. Haven't been able to get it to work since. Every time I try the light flickers on once but the camera never connects.If i try to access it through Synapse it does the same and then says that it’s being used by another device (it’s not). Tried on a different computer with the same results.

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The same issue here since today. It has worked fine until now. Have had it for about a year. I am on a Mac with Ventura 13.4.1. Since there seem to be quite a few people experiencing this, Razer should investigate and come with a probable cause and soution.


Yesterday my razer kiyo also do the same thing, its even not turning on when i plug it. need some help please, from indonesia.

HELP - Been working ok but during a call today  the ring light started flickering and the camera started making a loud hissing noise and the stopped working.
If I disconnected the USB and reconnect I can make it work for 2sec then it fails again

Can you help me fix. This looks like a common issue with all on this thread

Just updating this thread, bought the camera in 2021, after almost daily use when working at home, now almost daily it just stopped working. Flashing and my is switching to different camera’s. I’ve been only using Mac OS and it worked perfectly until today.


Luckily found this post and the description to bridge the F1, the camera lives again! 


For all of the people coming from google, don’t be afraid to open the camera and get out you solder iron, the camera is broken but can be fixed!

I went through the same issue. Bad experiences with Razer products so for.


Happened to me a few days earlier too. Mine is only 11 months but it’s already broke.
I’ll try to claim warranty but if it doesn’t work, I’ll try GuppieGreenzoneaero241’s solution.


I couldn’t claim and get it replaced. They said they’re out of stock.
So, I took it back and try this and it works!