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Razer Kiyo Stopped working after turn ring light on

Hello everyone,

I just bought a razer kiyo 1,5 years ago, I'm using it as my daily camera to work. I do meetings and thats all, usually the camera is turned on at most for 1 hour for each meeting. Most of the time it is turned on only for 15-30 minutes.

Today I was in a call and decided to turn the ring light on, which is something that I haven't done in while. It turned on normally, however some minutes after turned on the right light started to flicker, so I tried to turn it of, but it didn't turn off.

So I disconnected the USB cable from the hub connected again, after doing that the camera was recognised by the google meets meet, however after trying to choose it and turn it on, it turned the "on/off" LED on the image popped, but a few seconds later the on/off LED started turning off, but different from normal, it was turning off like a capacitor discharge.

Then the computer doesn't recognise the camera anymore, I tried different USB ports, tried let it disconnected for sometime and connect again, I also tried to connect to a different computer. Currently I was using it with a Mac Silicon chip connected though a TP-Link hub, connected to a USB-A to USB-C adapter connected to the Mac. I tried to connect it directly to the USB-A from my windows machine. When I open razer synapse on it, the camera was recognised, however after trying to open it and access, the same behaviour happened, the camera turned on for a few seconds, and became unreachable.

Windows showed me a message informing that the USB device presented a malfunction and can't be reached anymore. After that looks like the camera was connecting and disconnecting from windows, this error message was popping a lot of times, and that sound of connecting a USB device to windows was sounding repeatedly.

Any clue? The camera is just broke after 1,5 years of usage? 

Best regards


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After a bit of search I found this solution and it does work. My camera is now fully working again. 

Solution @ Thingverse

  1. Carefully remove the diffuser (white ring).
  2. Remove all the screws.
  3. Carefully detach the housing.
  4. Remove the screws on the cover plate and remove it.
  5. This is the tricky part: You have to short the F1 circuit (as shown in the image).
  6. Re-assemble the parts.
  7. Enjoy!

This is ridiculous, that this is happening to so many people experiencing the same issue. So many posting across multiple forums and videos showing the issue. I’ve only used my cam maybe 6 times since purchasing it and I can’t even get it replaced because it’s out of warranty. Funny how Razer has no solution. I paid $80 for my cam. I don’t give a shit if that is considered not much to anyone but with all the shit I am seeing here, this deserves some kind of legal action.

This is bonkers, Razer.
So many people reporting the exact same issue?

This is a manufacturing fault surely?

Flashing ring-light, electric hissing sound!
Fix seems to be to remove the ring light and short an element in the device!

This is insane.
Can someone from RAZER comment on the Kiyo issues please.

Had the same issue just past a year of purchase. Contacted Razer multiple times on this.  They acknowledge it is a known manufacturer’s defect, but won’t repair or replace cameras.  They just told me over and over I needed to buy a new one.  Really liked this camera when it was working, but shouldn’t break so quickly and Razer has some of the worst customer support I have ever experienced. 

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Hey guys,


I’m sorry to hear about your experience with using the Razer Kiyo camera. I would love to lend a hand and see what options we have for addressing the issue. Please PM me the serial number of your device so I can validate its model and check for other model-specific steps. Thank you!

The exact same thing happened to me. I own it for a year and have used it like 15 times. Never dropped it or anything and today that i needed it after turning the led on it started a buzzing sound the led stuck on full brightness and it does not work anymore. Tried everything to no avail. Last razer product for me.

Similar issue started happening to me today.  I have had a Kiyo for ~1.5 years, and its been great.  Mid-call with my boss, the ring light started flickering and the camera started making a loud hissing noise.


I am running the latest firmware, and tried reinstalling Synapse to no avail.  I also switched which port the Kiyo was plugged into, also to no avail.


How can I fix this?

HELP - Been working ok but during a call today  the ring light started flickering and the camera started making a loud hissing noise and the stopped working.
If I disconnected the USB and reconnect I can make it work for 2sec then it fails again

Can you help me fix. This looks like a common issue with all on this thread

This just started happening to me, I owned it for less than year for streaming, probably used 20 times maybe. This will sadly be my last razer product, we tried the solution to short the circuit but it didn't work. It is sadly a hardware issue and appears to be a very common issue. BUYER BEWARE. 

+1 here. sparking noises then dead. Got very warm.  Now it sometimes gets recognised as USB camera, sometimes not but lights won’t come on and camera function is no more. Out of warranty, needs recycling.

I have a similar issue. In the middle of a podcast, the camera stopped working and disconnected from Windows. Whenever I attempt to use the camera, the ring light flickers, I hear a click, then the light turns. Whichever program I’m using then shows the camera no longer exists. I’ve only owned the camera for 1.5  years. From everyone else’s responses, sounds like I need to start shopping for a new webcam. 

Yeh I feel your pain Bro. My Kiyo has just done exactly the same, flickering, buzzing then dead. Cam was a bit warm. Cooled off then worked for 10 mins, before buzzing and flashing and dead again. Help!


I'm having the same problem and it is absolutely frustrating. Went into a client meeting only to find the camera stopped working but the ring around it remained on. Felt like an idiot. I tried uninstalling the driver and razer synapse but nothing helped. 


And this one is just over a year old...

I’m having the same issue I’ve barely used mine in the last year I’ve only used it for streaming a couple of times and now that I have a bit more free time I wanted to start streaming again and it stopped working it was pretty much in the same order the light started flickering even though I had it turned off then it started making a buzzing noise then went dead and I can’t even get it working now.

I am having the same issue so glad to hear I am not alone. On the plus side, I have been looking for an excuse to move all my hardware to Logitech. Thanks Razer 👌

bye RAZER hello logitech!

Just bought one today brand new out the box and got this issue within 10mins of use. for sure just going to return it, even the firmware update is locked.

Yesterday my razer kiyo also do the same thing, its even not turning on when i plug it. need some help please, from indonesia.

Just updating this thread, bought the camera in 2021, after almost daily use when working at home, now almost daily it just stopped working. Flashing and my is switching to different camera’s. I’ve been only using Mac OS and it worked perfectly until today.


Luckily found this post and the description to bridge the F1, the camera lives again! 


For all of the people coming from google, don’t be afraid to open the camera and get out you solder iron, the camera is broken but can be fixed!

I went through the same issue. Bad experiences with Razer products so for.


Same thing happened today to me.

Ordered a soldering iron, gonna try shorting F1. Will keep you updated as to whether it worked for me or not.

Same for me.

Worked flawlessly then loud sparking noise and then it died.

If I disconnected the USB and reconnect I can “make it work for 2sec then it fails again”.

Probably the LED driver pulling more power then the USB specification allows...





This afteroon, I opened Razer Synapse. My KIYO was runing OK. I tried it for the settings in google meet before a meeting, all was OK.

Just before my meeting, synapse update automatically. Then, I opened google meet again for the meeting, and from that point, camera flash and work 1/2 second, then turned off itself. The caml is no more recognised by synapse nor google meet.

I updated the firmware, and now it’s worst!!

No more circle light, just the small led flickerring with a “electricity bug sound”




Thank you

I’ve just done this on mine and it’s working again. Thanks for sharing this @GuppieGreenzoneaero241 !

100% the exact same thing happened to me today.  Buzzing sound then died and unrecognized by my PC.