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Razer Orbweaver not using keybinds

  • 20 October 2019
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I have a Razer Orbweaver (the old school, single green color one, not the Stealth or Chroma) and it has worked fine for years. All of a sudden, in the past week, it is no longer using any custom keybind sets; only the default key mappings apply. Synapse 2 recognizes it just fine, and I can swap between loadouts, but it won't use the keybinds. If I completely uninstall and reinstall Synapse then it will work until I either unplug it or my laptop goes to sleep. Then it stops. Unplugging it and different ports make no difference.

Any thoughts? This thing has been a trusted companion to my gaming for years, and I hate not being able to use my custom bindings.

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Hi there! Have you tried using a different account to see if the issue persists?