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Razer phone swollen battery

  • 8 February 2019
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So I have a Razer phone that's just over a year old that's lived in a case I was downloading musci and browsing the web when I hear a pop and boom there's a crack in my screen upon further inspection I noticed the screen lifting out of the frame which is commonly a swollen battery issue I contacted support about the issue and they say it's customer induced damage how so if it's hardware faulty? Hense why there's only a year warranty never have a been so dissatisfied with a Razer product they're willing to replace the screen for 120$ and the battery I'm not sure about but why would I get the parts replaced for it to happen in another year I'm positive it wasn't customer induced damage as the phone cracked from the inside out and is lifting out of the frame so I'm kinda stuck as of what to do IV had nearly all brands of phones there is and none have had this happen

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Hello there! Can you PM me the case number and the link to this thread? Let's continue there.