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Razer Synapse Service Process.exe preventing windows shutdown and restart

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I’m using Windows 11 and when I go to shutdown or restart my pc, I get a message saying “app preventing shutdown (or restart) of pc”. If I let it sit there for like 10-15 seconds longer, it’ll show an error with Razer Synapse Service Process.exe. 

I looked up the error and questionable sources say it’s the .NET framework in Windows except I have no other issues with any other game or application on my PC. I used the .NET framework repair tool as well as reinstalled the .NET framework. I also fully removed and reinstalled Razer Synapse 3 from my pc. This would fix the problem for 1-2 days then it the error would return when I tried to shutdown or restart the pc.

I also ran sfc /scannow and CHKDSK with no visible problems. I can force shutdown or restart when this happens and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the computer. Also Synapse 3 works no problem on the pc, only errors when trying to shutdown or restart. 

I’ve included an image of the error that pops up. Any help would be appreciated.


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I have the same problem with Axon

I have the same problem with Axon

Yes me too, might be the same kind of problem, just newer software, since Razer Axon is fairly new...

Hello guys !

I came up with 2 problems with razer synapse.

The first one I got is that my razer synapse is randomly giving me some macros.

I would like to know i fI were the only one to have this problem.


The second one seems more common :

I went in some troubles with my perf since I installed razer synapse and I noticed that a app called “Razer synapse service process” was taking me a lot of my processor (like shown in the picture down there) and I would know what this app actually do and if I could solbe the problem…


                       that’s how much it takes from the processor :  I=========I


I hope i’ll find a solution here.

Thanks !