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Razer Viper V2 Pro wireless dongle no loner working

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My Razer Viper V2 Pro's wireless dongle randomly stopped working and I don't know why. It was working fine one day then the next it no longer works, is there any way to get this item replaced? I even bought the hyper polling wireless dongle from Razer and now I can’t use either wireless features. 

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update: its the dongle that died. it comes back to life some times but disconnects. i am getting it replaced.


i uninstalled razer synapse, and removed viper v2 pro from device manager on windows 11. restarted fixed. the problem. now i cant customize the razer functions but it has onboard memory from the last time i ran the synapse app. i dont know when it will disconnect but i dont think the dongle is the problem. its maybe the drivers or software. issues happened after a synapse update or windows update.



The exact same thing happened to me with my Viper V2. Seeing as I bought it used, I had no choice other than to buy the hyperpolling dongle and use that instead. It seem to be a very common issue with the supplied dongles. 

Добрый день!
Аналогичная проблема как и у покупателей в данной ветке сообщений.
Последние дня 3 модуль не реагирует и постоянно отключается (менее 1 секунды) .
Мышью пользоваться можно только по кабелю.
Если модуль переставить в другой ПК проблема не исчезает.
Инструкция по обновлению бесполезна ведь сам адаптер не подключается и просто отключается вызывая сбой.

Good afternoon!
The same problem as the buyers in this message thread.
The module has been unresponsive for the last 3 days and is constantly shutting down (less than 1 second).
The mouse can only be used by cable.
If the module is moved to another PC, the problem does not disappear.
The update instructions are useless because the adapter itself does not connect and simply disconnects, causing a failure.

Good afternoon. There is such a problem: I bought a Razer Deathadder V2 Pro mouse in Germany and sent it to a friend of mine as a gift. Before sending it, I checked it by connecting it to my computer via a cable and also via a wireless 2.4 module, everything worked perfectly. However, after receiving and connecting the wireless module, it constantly switches to the computer and cannot see the wireless mouse. I tried it on different computers, the situation was the same everywhere. The mouse works great via USB and Bluetooth. Apparently the problem is in the wireless module itself. Can anything be done about this?

I am having the same issue. You would think that if several people are having the same issue they would fix the software issue. I have uninstalled the driver. Installed the Synapse 3. Tried to reinstall the drivers. Nothing is working. This issue started happening after amount a year. The dongle works but the driving would go-in-out causing my computer the beep all the time.



I’m having the same issue - the dongle stopped working (tried plugging it in to PC, different usb ports and my laptop, but it’s not being recognized). The mouse still works if i have it wired to PC - seems like the same issue as everyone else.  How can i get a replacement?

Hello, i have the same problems the dongle stopped working. The mouse works wired, how can i get a replacement?