[Solved in the comments] Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 [USB] , Synapse cant see it. | Razer Insider

[Solved in the comments] Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 [USB] , Synapse cant see it.

  • 2 February 2019
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Heyy just ja quick question kinda..

Synapse 2 cant see my Kraken.
Since 2 days im here not playing just searching in google how to fix it..

I did: deleted all files from Razer the hidden ones too, drivers aswell.
Deleted everything from synapse, surround, chroma and all i can find, updated my pc, unplugged my kraken for hours.

Downloaded the new net.framework, drivers and even tried to download and start everything in different orders.

And dont ask me if i tried a different USB hub, i have 3 USB3 4 UBS2 and none of them fixed it.

Still the same synapse message that i should plug something like a headset into my pc..

Please someone help me i cant even play a game serious bcs i cant hear anything in order, enemy runns left in front of me? i hear him on my left like hes stomping in my left side of my head.

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Sooo news guys maybe itll help some ppl of u :)

Ive got the Kraken 7.1 V2 as my main audio and have disabled my microfon on it because i have a professional stuido mic from LIAM&DAAN, i activated the mic from my kraken and there u go IT FOUND IT!!!!

So if u got the same issue with a seperate device as ur mic change it back.

I hope itll help some ppl 🙂