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Spacebar wonky and plus sign stuck in keycap

  • 23 March 2022
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Sorry for the confusing title, I don't really know what they're called.

The keyboard I'm using is a Razer WidowMaker V3. It's still under warranty, and I don't think I did anything to cause these. Anyway, I just noticed two weird things with my spacebar. One is that the right side is noticeably higher than the left, and when you press down on it, there's a lot of give before the actual spacebar starts lowering, almost as if the right side is loose or something.

Here's a short video demonstrating it:

The next issue is that when I remove the spacebar, the two plus sign pieces on the sides of the switch come off and are stuck inside the plus shaped holes under they keycap. Nothing looks "broken", and I can push the keycap back on, and there's a distinct click if I push a little harder, most likely the plus sign pieces slotting back into the keyboard.

Sometimes I'll remove the keycap and only the left one is stuck, while the right one remains inside the keyboard. It doesn't present a problem, and the spacebar still functions normally, but I'm planning on buying a PBT keycap upgrade set, and I won't be able to change the keycaps if parts of the keyboard come off with them.

Here's a couple photos showing what I mean:

Should I get the keyboard replaced/refunded, or is there some trick/method of removing the spacebar that I'm unaware of?

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Update: I manged to tweezer the plus signs out of the keycap, pushed them into the keyboard by hand, and so far they've stayed in the keyboard every time I pull the spacebar off. But the spacebar itself is still wonky on the right side.